Canterbury Cathedral photography

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IMG_0439.JPG here in the uk we have fabulous gothic churches and I snapped up the chance to visit last week. I'm enamoured of rich history and I can't walk past a church without going in. Beautiful architecture for sure. And great place to upload them( if mods allow? Erm mods is it ok? Not taking up too much space am I? ) anyhow, I hope you them as I jolly well did.
Seriously, I give students tours around this building. There has been a Cathedral here since the year 597. The history behind this place is extraordinary. I feel privileged to be able to sit and pray here (even if I do have to go down to the crypt to avoid all the tourists LOL).

It truly is a very Holy Place. To simply sit, and feel, all those people that have been here before me is totally amazing. To think that someone was praying to The Lord, in the same space that I'm inhabiting now, all those years ago, blows my tiny mind!!!

Hundreds of years of worship.

Amen x