Carbon Emission

Carbon Emission

Driving back to Ohio from Eastern Pennsylvania last week end I noted that I was passing very few cars. I had my cruise control set at about 67mph. I would guess that the average speed was around 80-85 mph of most of the cars that were passing me.

There are a lot of people who believe in global warming today - quite frankly I do not. However, I am in favor of reducing pollution as sinus and breathing problems have plagued my family for a long time; and it is on the increase nationally over the years. So I don't bad mouth Mr. Gore for wanting to clean up the environment - it is a legitimate cause.

The carbon emission problem and conservation of fuel could greatly be improved if people would just adjust their driving habits. About 60% of the fuel consumed goes toward pushing air around the car. This drag increases as the square of the velocity. In other words - if you double your speed the drag increases four times requiring four times as much energy.

If your car gets 30 mpg at 55 mph this will drop to about 20 mpg at 80 mph. If you look at the graph on this site you will see that the optimum speed is about 55 mph. There is just a little increase in efficiency from 30 mph to 55 mph. If you simply slow down you can save a significant amount of fuel and the resulting pollution.

This site and others give a lot of info on saving fuel. This is something everybody can learn; and collectively we could all make a major contribution to the pollution problem in a years time.

And you can do all this without spending a dime. Do you think that people really care about the environment - Or is it just a political movement and all talk?

Larry II
I believe we should take care of the resources that God has given us but the trend as of late is turning Green into the new pop-religion with Gore at the helm as the earth's savior.

The hypocrisy of Gore having the gall to speak out about any of our driving, electricity-using habits compared to his own mansion/jet rides/multiple SUV motorcades is phenomenal. Coupled with the fact that he won't debate anyone knowledgable about meteorology who disagrees with him proves to me he's full of more hot air than he claims is harming the earth.

Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use Is His Own “Inconvenient Truth”
Gore’s home uses more than 20 times the national average
I do not believe God would give us a planet that he would allow us to destroy.

Funny how in the 70's the environmentalists convinced every car manufacturer to install catalytic converters on all automobiles to convert the harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and suddenly that's a problem now. So if everyone stops exhaling and stops driving the planet can survive--only all the plants will die because they need carbon dioxide.

Sorry for the rant, the environmental tripe that is floated around on a daily basis really sticks in my throat. It's all about control and about money. Left unchecked, the end results will be green taxes based on our lifestyles and eventually population control so too many folk aren't exhaling what they claim is poison.

Pastor Gary

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John S. - DON'T appologise for stating the truth. It is the environmental wackos who should be appologizing for their political, self serving deception and constant fabrications.

They are doing this to give credibility to UNGODLY agendas. And the louder they speak, the more they influence gullable, under-educated persons and those persons jump on their activist band wagon. Their creedo is that there is strength in numbers, and the more persons that they can deceive into their liberal way of thinking, the less resistance they will have in OTHER matters regarding abortion, school prayer and many other topics of the ungodly left.

Christian Conservatives have been taught to be nice to everyone and to love your enemy. However, we MUST remember that Paul summed it up best in Romans 12:18 (KJV) when he said, (paraphrasing)... 'If it is POSSIBLE, live together in peace with all men.'

Note that he said "IF POSSIBLE". That is our que to use our Christian discernment to know in our hearts who the deceivers are and to do what we can to counter them.