Cardinal Dolan of NY leading gay pride at 2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade

To begin, while the subject surrounds a Catholic bishop, this isn't intended to be a Catholic post (not exclusively anyway). I think this concern spreads to all Christians, not just Catholics.

In case you missed it, Timothy Dolan--the Archbishop of NY--has been appointed to be the grand marshal of leading the 2015 St. Patrick's Day parade. The problem is that a gay group of employees with NBC have pushed organizers to allow a section for them with a banner expressing gay pride. However, instead of speaking up against this, withdrawing, or anything of that nature, he has embraced this.

The idea of St. Patrick's Day, putting aside what so many make of it today, is to commemorate someone from England who preached the gospel and drove out heresies of Ireland which welcomed in tons of converts to Christianity. What this group has chosen to do (and this isn't the first time any group wanted to co-opt this feast day) is highlight a specific sin and glorify it.

Cardinal Dolan is in a position where he is supposed to uphold truth and reject sin. He isn't a politician, he's a clergyman, but he's definitely acting like a politician, as so many do sadly.

While this isn't the first time something like this has happened, it's one of the more recent ones, and really strikes up some thoughts with me.

One of the only articles that actually addresses and condemns Dolan for it is this one--a brilliantly written article...
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He has done the wrong thing by association and agreement with, he should withdraw
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Setting aside the differences, anyone who would do something like this requires lot of prayers..
Indeed. This isn't an exclusive Catholic problem, it really is a concern for Christians outside of the Catholic Church as well because it is culture swallowing up even those who are supposed to uphold truth despite the culture.

Sadly, this is really what so many of today's bishops are looking like. Some of them are incredible, but some of them, (like Dolan) have become very sheepish.