Category 1 "dry" hurricane???

Category 1 "dry" hurricane???

"Category 1 "Dry" hurricane." That is what they are calling the remnants of "Ike" that left several hundred thousand people in south/ central/ western Ohio without power(eletrctricity) one week ago last Sunday. Downed trees and power lines left many small towns and a few larger cities crippled,including Dayton Ohio (Where I live)

But no rain???
One could only imagine what the damages had the ground been soaked with rain during this storm?? and the effective force in the wind carying the water???
To say the least. . . It has been an experience. We (my house and neighborhood) was without power for 7 days.
Heading into the 11th day now and still there are thousands of homes without power and business struggling to keep the doors open and recover.
Winds at times exceeding 70 mph uprooted massive trees took out mile streteches of power poles lifed off roofs and sent debree through walls and windows. Hospitals and emergency services run on emergency generaters for two to three days.
Cell phones(though service limited at times) become the life lines, candles the light and barbeque grills the kitchen. Batteries and flashlights become impossible to and even harder was a gas station open.. The ole hand can opener took the place modern electric one and and for a week TVs and computers were dark boxes of no value what so ever.
And now the cleanup begins midst an impending drought????
And finacial recovery in an uncertian economy have some people wondering.
Just how far are we from the last of the last days????

Blessed in Him