Catholic - Do They Also Have The Holy Spirit...?

Many people i read daily or listen to in many different online forums or websites, even Christian speakers on the radio or TV will say disparaging comments about Catholics and most will state we are misled and not part of the salvation as our Lord Jesus gave to all.

i was brought up as Catholic, left it for many years not to convert to other denominations but just put it behind my mind all that had to do with being Catholic or a follower of Christ... returned to my Lord and am trying everyday to live my life as He commanded us, not always successful as i know what my major stumbling block is yet i keep on stumbling over it, but i ask the Lord to forgive and try to be a good handmaiden to Him.

Being a Catholic i am open to many that feel they must save me from my Catholic church, yet, i love going to church and being a part of the mass and i will not forgo nor stop doing this because i feel i am where i should be... that is not what many feel, and when i announce online or on the radio (when calling the various religious programs i listen to...) i sense in their voice a sense of ''please i hope she doesn't start discussing her Catholic faith''... i am not apologetic about my church just would like to say that i am a child of God, as most other Catholics are, and i am trying my best like most of us here to be a good follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ... <><

Thank you...
There is so much to go and interact with others here in this forum... i am glad i am here and will in time look at all the different and so many groups and keep on growing in the love of our Lord ...
Hey howdy and welcome Rosa.

I am glad you seek God, and Jesus.

Just my perspective, most Christians think they have the Holy Spirit, but I'm leaning toward the belief that it is their human spirit and thought, and feel the presence of Angels.
Recalling scripture, Jesus says to the Samaritan woman at the well that one day we will neither worship on this mountain or in Jerusalem but we will worship in spirit and in truth for this is the kind of worshiper the Father seeks.
Follow you heart :)