CFS sub-forum idea :)

CFS sub-forum idea :)


Here are possible names and a description of my idea:

1 - Vacations and Member Updates
Going on a trip? Leaving for a while? Going to do something and won't be on the forums? Post it here. (possible description)

What it is for:

If a member is going on a vacation, or is leaving the forums for an extended period of time, or has things to do, or is just a place to post updates on events, family matters, etc. they can put it here.

It is also a place where members can discuss vacation ideas, summer/spring/fall/winter events, church updates, interesting things to ponder on, etc.

It is a SUB-forum, and I would suggest putting it in the home and garden section or another section suitable for this.

That sounds like a great idea. Were going to Arizona in July. Were flying with 3 kids and lugging car seats too *faint*. Should be fun :D


Staff member
NTG, thanks again for the suggestion. Most of us think that it won't be necessary at the moment. The simpler the site is, the easier it is for us to navigate and for new members to learn the forums.