Changes to CFS


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Changes to CFS

Hello everyone,

I made some changes to CFS making it easier to access.

Changes made:
1. News forum merged with General forum.
2. Support forum removed from 'CFS Lounge' category and placed in General catogory.
4. 'Friendly debates' forum merged with 'Christianity vs the rest' forum.
3. Books forum renamed publications and placed in Entertainment section.
4. 'Personal Links' forum merged with 'Christian ministries and organisation' forum.
5. Men forum & Women forum removed.

Please give me your opinions.
CFS was undergoing updation for sometime (28 & 29 Jan). I tried bringing about some modification but I had to encounter a lot errors with it. I have now restored CFS to its previous stage. I'm sorry for the inconvinience caused.

The links on top were changed to CFS Index :: FAQ :: Search Forum :: Search Bible :: Christian News :: Link to us

Usergroup and Members were removed.

'publications forum' is now merged into the 'tv, music and movies forum'. its a smaller world now :-D .
1) Icons are added to the menu selection on top.
2) New feature added: Click 'Watch this topic for replies' link at the bottom of the topic page and this will add the topic to your 'Watched Topics' list at the top.