Charity: A Standard Of Judgment

Xian Pugilist

>>"The way you view and treat others is the way you act towards Christ in the end. In this text, Jesus gives us an ominous message. "

That's why Sodom was destroyed... Ezekiel I think is where it's at...

My view on works is pretty simple. However it's never referred to for what it says, just what people are scared it says.

Salvation is by grace, through faith, not works so no man can boast.
And, if one has faith, they will have works.
If one doesn't have works, they don't have faith.
If you don't have faith, you can't have grace.
Can you be "saved" without Grace?

Grace is like a coin, heads side, and tails side.

We are saved by Grace, that's the heads side.
However, any works we do, are by Grace as well. They are HIS works through us His instruments of righteousness. the "NESS" there means it's something done, or a work, a righteous work. The parable of the vine, has the VINE holding the branches, the branches holding the fruit. The branch can't make fruit without the vine saying when, and giving it the nutrients to do so. The branch just holds it.

If you say you are saved and don't do works...... I find that claim highly circumspect.

On top of that you need to find the job, you are built for. Find what sort of tool you are to be and be it. That means you need to seek it out.

Two people that God used in His grand plan of our salvation, that didn't realize God was using them, Judas Iscariot, and Pharaoh. Both as important as Abraham, Moses, etc... for God's plan.

So, do you want to NOT find your job that you were saved to do, or sit back and do nothing and let God determine how He will use you? :)