Cheri will be running WWC

Cheri will be running WWC

Let's all congratulate Cheri who be running the "Women Who Care" forum.

We are all confident that Cheri will do an outstanding job with WWC.

Congratulations sister

Thank you all so much. I'm really excited about this.

Just know that I will give it my all to do the Lord and Barb proud.

I am already working on recruiting ideas!!!!!

Yep, I'm excited.:dance::dance::dance:
Congratulations IloveUSA. I am new so I don't know about WWC yet, but maybe someday I will be there too.

Thank you Chrissy. WWC stands for Women Who Care. When you achieve 100 posts on the forum, you'll be able to join. Can't wait to see you there.​
Blessings, Cheri​