Children's fellowship

Apr 13, 2019
Yuma, AZ USA
So you are tapped to host the kiddies at Sunday school. Waddaya do?

Cookies. The recipe is on the back of the Quaker Oats box, but you only approximately follow it. Whizz the oats in a blender. Everything else is up for substitution. Use all white sugar instead of white and brown and you get sugar cookies. Use peanut butter instead of shortening and you get peanut butter balls. Add a grape gum drop and you have PB&J cookies. Add rum flavor and a maraschino cherry on top and roll in powdered sugar to get rum balls. Add ginger and make gingerbread men.

If some kids are old enough to handle a mixer, set them to making frosting. You want maybe a half cup of each color of the rainbow. Otherwise get canned white frosting and let the kids mix with a spoon. Have plenty of zippered baggies on hand for piping bags. Show the kids how to snip off a corner and roll the bag to draw pictures in frosting. Do insist on zippered bags to minimize mess.

Provide paper bags for the kids to carry their creations home. Get pictures for the grownups.