Chineses Rounded Up Christians

May 16, 2008
Northern VA
Chineses Rounded Up Christians

Brothers and Sisters,

I heard this a few days ago and couldn't believe my ears. Apparently before the olympics, the Chinese government went door to door rounding up Christians to prevent them from "Causing Problems" during the olympics.

China's Christians Face More Persecution - Christian World News - CBN News

I can't believe that this isn't getting more attention. Pray for them and thank God if you live in a place where you can practice your beliefs without fear of government soldiers raiding your house and arresting you or your wife and children. I have read several reports the one above is just an example. Also today on the news a Pastor who had been staging protests about human rights in China, has been deported and arrived back in the US today. I just pray that as we celebrate these games, we remember those less fortunate.