Chords for Redeemed

Chords for Redeemed

Woohoo!! I finally finished the chords for "Redeemed" by Reilly :D

I posted them to my blog here: Chords for “Redeemed”

They're attached in PDF format in my post above, but I also submitted them to UltimateGuitar yesterday. They mentioned that the submission will be reviewed in the next 48 hours after it's submitted, NOT including weekends. Hopefully it will be on UG early next week. Then I'll link to the UG page on my blog and in this thread.

I hope all you guitar/piano/instrument players will find this helpful! And please post your feedback regarding this chord arrangement, whether it's good or can be improved upon.

God bless! :)

EDIT: I realised that I can attach files to my forum posts. So I'll add the pdf and txt files here as well :)


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