Christ Minus Me

At initial conversion, when we first believed, we realized (was revealed to us) that redemption was the sole answer to everything in this life (and the next) and there was nothing clearer or nearer to us than being a part of having fellowship with God, thus eventually believing and receiving His Son through regeneration of Their Holy Spirit, which resulted in Him (Spirit) permanently indwelling us (John 14:16).

It was then that we knew we had nothing to offer concerning salvation, and regardless of our present understanding, our provisional ability concerning receiving and retaining salvation remains the same—it’s all God! Now, being in Christ, we can only continue to offer that which He lived and died for—ourselves, and only that which He provides within the “new man” (new nature) is acceptable to offer Him.

When the believer yields himself to God (Rom 6:13) it is solely that which is of the new man that is to be presented (offered). This is the part of the believer He sustains (which is partaker - 2 Pet 1:4, and seed -1 John 3:9), for the remnant (old man) awaits eradication from existence (being “condemned” – Rom 8:3), no longer to effect the ones it came from, and thus it has been, is, and will always be all Christ concerning the possession of salvation, resulting in our eternal fellowship with God.

When the believer considers having part in the possession of salvation (other than its reception), there will yet be redemption (if believing in Christ of course), but instead of laying “aside every weight, and the sin,” there will be much besetting to be had (Heb 12:1).

The Father give us to know the dimensions (Eph 3:18) of His love that it will be so manifest a substance that the Lord Jesus only will be seen. It has been said that in the sunlight the varnish (old man) often on the silver (believer in Christ) will not be seen.