Christ Nature

Born-again believers are living within the realm of grace through Christ Jesus our Lord. The born-again believer is absolutely not under the law, Romans 6:14-15.
These verses along with many others confirm the fact that born-again believers are not under the law but are under grace.
Romans 6:15 is very important verse to born-again believers. Since the born-again believer is not under the law sin is no longer simply a violation of the law. Do believe's sin after being born again? We all know that born-again believers sin after being born again. Because born-again believers are not under the law the sin is now much more violent than simply breaking the law or violating Commandments.
When the born-again believer since they are violating our Father's nature.
Any sin by the born-again believer is so violent that it hurts our Father when sin is committed while in the realm of grace.

This is why the born-again believer needs to learn to live by the inborn "Christ in you" nature, in him or her, so that total oneness with our Father will be manifested at all times, John 17:21.
The believer that perpetually sins is a believer that has not yet yielded his or her mind to the Holy Spirit so that the believers mind will be renewed.
The believers stinking mind is his or her problem because if that individual is born again here she has a perfect spirit within which is the "Christ in you" spirit-nature.
Sins committed by the born-again believers are sins that originate in the believers mind and the body is used to set these thoughts into motion thus committing sin and violating the nature of Him who is our Father.
Hello @Noblemen,

There was a time when, in a dark moment, I believed I felt that grief, and to know that I was it's cause brought a sense of shame that I will never forget. How gracious our God is, for He has indeed forgiven all my sin.

In Christ Jesus