Christian Music

Christian Music

I have only recently begun following the path of Christ and I must admit that this is partially because of some of the popular Christian songs I have come across! Of course, it hasn't been the reason for my decision to follow Christ, but it really has helped put me more in touch with God, especially since music is a big part of my life.

I must say that one of my favorite artists is Nichole Nordeman. Her songs are so beautiful in both melody and words. So many of them have touched a particular part of my heart because she addresses some of the uncertainties and confusion I have often felt about my relationship with God. Listening to her songs always helps me think of God, my relationship with Him, and His miracles.

Any thoughts? On Nichole Nordeman or any other musical artists/songs or anything!
Probably one of my favorites is Mercy Me. I really like their music. Casting Crowns is really good too. But the older hymns really strike a chord with me. Here's a neat site that you might find helpful:

Also, for the newer style of music, you can go to

You can listen to their radio station online and you can also look up the frequency of a radio station near you.

Hope this helps.:)
The origin of music was worship in heaven- when I turn my eyes to my God and pour up my love in worship He pours His love down- it is such an intimate time it is hard to describe-
Jasmine i would like to reccomend going to
search for Anionted Sounds by djbennyb
this is free internet music and some of the most anointed worship I have ever heard- enjoy- In His Name Larry