Christian Riddles

Okay, Okay, Jordan River??????
:dance:Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Good answer godbe4me!

The 3 times it was divided were:
1) After the death of Moses when Joshua led the Israelites over to the Promised Land.
2) When Elijah & Elisha crossed over together.
3) When Elisha crossed back after Elijah was taken up in the chariot of fire.
The garment used twice to part the water was Elijah’s mantle.
Jesus was embraced by the waters of the Jordan when he was baptized by John the Baptist & it was the Ark of the Covenant not Noah’s Ark that stood in the Jordan (when the Israelites crossed)
I made this poem a long time ago and up to now it's still not solved. Maybe some of you folks might know the answer :)

O Google, Google, great and awesome
You have powers, mighty and fearsome
Though people think you know quite a lot
I b'lieve you know little of the heart

For I have a humble, small puzzle
That you can never ever muzzle
This I present to the pure of heart
For forumers, whoever thou art

What is the first poem ever written?
Do you know to whom it was given?
O ponder now o brave forumer
A prize 'waits to this riddle solver