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I just noticed in the morning that also joined our advertisers list. That is awesome. I want to personally thank them here for supporting our website and I invite our members to check them our (especially if you are a single). Whether CFS or any other website, be careful of who you contact over the internet.

Visit and recommend them to your friends.
It's great to see other Christian advertisers come on board and support this great site!

If you have a ministry you want to promote to a huge online Christian audience, why not do so too? You know it will continue to support this ministry and help to alleviate the financial burden of this site's administrators. I did it and it for FAITH OF CHOICE and it is a simple process.

If you are the first person to promote your business or ministry on this site within the next 7 days, I will personally design you an advertisement free of charge (I am a graphic designer so I will ake sure it doesn't look shabby :) PM me with details if are interested!
Well I am not single, but PTL for the advertisers to help this site out! I have also bought a small slot a few days back. Maybe I can upgrade to a bigger one when this one is up after 30 days. We'll see
I enjoyed your site. I couldn't find a place to leave a comment or join there so I figured I would let you know here :)
Thank you so much for visiting. At present the site is still under construction, mostly the Russian translations. That is a tedious process. The initial intent was for this to be a passive study site. The information and all reference tools are provided right there. Perhaps a comment area will be added down the road (though I really don't have time to moderate that function) but the site is free to everyone so there won't be a need to JOIN. Just being their makes you a member by default.