Christians Getting Plastic Surgery...thoughts?

I have a girlfriend who will be undergoing breast augmentation on the weekend of Valentines Day in order to increase her breast size, which are currently a B cup. This came as a surprise to me since she kept it from me in fear that I would "judge" her (she has a tendency to believe lots of people do). She literally just told me and her surgery appointment is right around the corner.

She is a Christian and fellowships at the same church as myself. Not only that, but she appears to be extremely confident so I am unsure after all of these years of knowing her, 12 to be exact, why she would be doing this.

It made me think of what God would think. WWJD, you know?

I'd like some Christian input/insight as to what you think about a woman of faith undergoing surgery to make her breasts larger.
FYI I mention her current size in order to show that she is getting them done for pure cosmetic reasons as opposed to anything else. I should have just said she wants an increase. Apologies~
I wonder what her motivations were, as that would be my primary concern. If it has to do with attracting a man, all I will say is that not all of us think bigger is better and there are many attributes that we weigh far more highly than breast size. And, if this is her reasoning, then she is more likely to attract someone who does place a higher value on size, and is that really the kind of man she wants to spend her life with? We all have our personal tastes, of course, hair color, eyes, shapes, etc, so to be fair, am I any less shallow that I would not be interested (at least not initially) in women with a higher center of gravity?

Personally, except in cases of significant asymmetry or mastectomy or something pretty out of whack, I'm inclined to think of it as a waste of money and focus. But, I'm also inclined to not be too judgemental. How much time and energy do people spend on exercise and makeup and clothing, etc. to be attractive? Or how often do we spend money on more car than we need because we like having something that looks good, goes fast, or fits with an image we'd like to project?

Meh. The more I think about it, if she is happy with the results, then I have no issues with it. She's certainly not going to be any less spiritual after the surgery than before. If she is having the surgery done by a reputable surgeon, they probably had a consultation of what she wanted done and her reasons for having it done.
Short answer: don't do it...

Obey the commandments of God...
Build treasures in Heaven....
Conform to the Word not the world...
Don't mark/alter your body...
Be content...
Vanity of man is the worship of creation...(not the Creator)
Tithe and give offerings...

I am sure I missed e few....
If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Only because they make so many mistakes! The risks are always there and they are big!

The Bible says woman must make themselves look good for their men. I always envisaged this as; dressing like a lady, bathing, doing up hair and wearing jewelry. But I guess if she is doing this for her husband it is very noble of her. But as Rumely said, what kind of man would want her to go through that, knowing the risks involved...o_O.

It is a similar argument for fat woman. A fat woman can make herself very attractive. Whoever is behind this is not thinking properly imho.


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Except in the case of reconstructive surgery due to injury or disease, any plastic surgery is pure unadulterated vanity.
It is caused by insecurity, the feeling that one is just not good enough.
No pun intended, right KingJ? Hahaha :D I agree though. For example, I have a minor chip in my teeth that everyone says they cannot tell but because I know that chip will continue based on my grinding at night, which my dentist has confirmed, I will have to get cosmetic dentistry. On the other hand, what if someone has scarring on their face that they can fix with laser surgery? I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with this. I believe God allowed for man to create cosmetic/reconstructive surgery for good purposes, but that some people use them for the wrong reasons.

@Rumely. I agree as well. I'm torn, actually. I think that it is natural to feel more womanly with larger breasts. It would be as if I was born with no female parts. I would yearn for them. However, she is not flat chested (sorry if TMI), so I don't really understand. At the same time, if she is doing it solely for herself and only for herself then I am OK with it. ***You mentioned it not affecting her spirituality. I certainly hope it doesn't if she begins getting more attention from men. She is often on even though she just got out of a 5 year abusive relationship. She says she's not ready for a relationship, but that she (and I quote), "Likes the attention." I am worried this is NOT being done for the right reason.

@Dirtyrotten. Please provide me with some scriptures I can share with her.

@Glomung. My thoughts exactly.
Thank you Dirty I just don't think these would necessarily hit home with her...she would easily dispute that this is not being done for vanity purposes.
Well, that's between her and the Lord, and my bet is on the Lord....

Wide is the path to destruction...
Pride cometh before the fall...

All you really can do is pray for her.
All I can say the Lord knows her heart. We are who we are. No matter what you say to her won't change her mind, because she has already made the choice to do so. He gave us free will and choices. If one pushes too much it could turn her away from Jesus.

I am concerned about my looks. Getting old, but I haven't had anything done. I take care of myself and look the best I can with what the Lord blessed me with.
@Everyone. She is still planning on doing it. I don't think she is doing it for the right reasons (pure physical, even though she is absolutely beautiful). I am having a hard time not to judge.