Christians Jews Prophet Isaiah

Christians Jews Prophet Isaiah

Need help on this one...

I often hear that the Prophet Isaiah, died by being sawed/cut in two...
Is this in Scripture:confused:
Or in Jewish knowledge through other writings:confused:
I have never heard this before, but since you inquired I did a little research and came up with this.

King Manasseh is reported to have had the prophet Isaiah sawn in half, which was referenced in Hebrews 11:37. [This passage in Hebrews refers to a prophet sawn in half, but does not name the perpetrator or victim, so it's not for certain that Isaiah is the one mentioned there.
They killed their prophets, then they killed their Messiah and said "let his blood be upon us." If only his blood was upon you children of Israel.


There are apochraphal writings that say Isaiah was :
Isaiah's Legacy in the Later Literature : Saint and Martyr

Looking back from the Hellenistic period, Ben Sira sang a song in praise of famous men and praised Isaiah as "the great prophet whose vision could be trusted" (Ecclus. 48:22). In due course, this revered prophet became the model of a saintly life. According to rabbinic and pseudepigraphical traditions, Isaiah died the death of a monotheist martyr, hacked to death during the reign of the ruthless paganizing King Manasseh (see B. Yevamot 49b and The Ascension of lsaiah 5: 11‑14).