Christmas Lists

Christmas Lists

Does your child(ren) have something at the top of his or her Christmas list? What is it?
Hi Mark,

I hope that the family traditions like reading the Christmas Story (from the Bible not the Santa Claus one :)) will be top of their list. I do believe children look forward to family traditions like this, certain foods and decorations.

As far as top of the list presents... Climbing Toy and Swingset. Oh what fun!

Interesting question.

Thank you
Yep ,they all do. But my children(grown now) full the lists themselves. Good thng.
this year is our make it christmas year. That is something we did way back when we didn't have money to buy something one year. So we made dolls and toy boxes jewry boxes and all sorts of gifts. Our children want that for their children this year.,cause they have such fond memories of it then. It's one of our family traditions, like potatoe candy, crater salad, ham, exchanging gifts and the window display.
And the reading of the story of the birth of Jesus from the book of Luke.



Sure they do and we tell them that with what they are blessed with it is Christmas everyday for them! :)
All baby jessie can say right now is "Gunny-goo!" and "Agoo!"

I think that pretty much means that he has exactly what he wants right now:D