Christmas music or Music about Christianity..It's all kind of weird to me ..

Hi All,

Hope I am posting in the correct location.. I have been over at the newbie section and Thought I would get out of my comfort Zone.:)

I just listened to a beautiful Christian song speaking of Jesus and all his glory.. Do you think it;s right for people to use Christmas as a way to share this stuff or perhaps I am being over analytical. Maybe these guys are great Christians and also great Marketers.

Anyway exploit or not:0 Here is the link It's probably one of the most beautiful Christian/Christmas songs I have heard in a long time.

The kids voice is Beautiful.. The name of the song is also Called "Beautiful

Hope you enjoy

Ya Simone you posted in the right place :) It is a very "Beautiful" song. It is very good to see youth spreading the JOY of Jesus. If he makes money as a musician then he should get paid. God WANTS us to prosper especially if you work on Gods' name you will abound in riches of Heaven and earth.
Good post brother :)