Christmas shopping!

Christmas shopping!

OK, so I just thanked God for the internet last night! Wow! Who wants to go and fight the mall crowds when you can shop in your jammies in your own home, all warm and comfy with a cup of cocoa in your hand! No to mention the fact that I found some incredible bargains! We have these friends that have a total of 7 children between them, all different ages, so I actually bought gifts for ALL of them last night for $46 total! And that includes shipping and taxes! Not bad, eh? Anyone else in this boat with me?

Hey Laura,

Mines all done except for a few little things and I was wrapping last night as have to send all my stuff so got to get it in the post .... actually , I have never shopped on line but I buy a lot of my stuff over the year when I see things that I think some one would like. I bought a lot of different things when I was in Alaska this past Sept... so that really helps.

God Bless

I try to do most of my shopping via the internet!
...I wonder why people don't like the crowds and the malls and such. Oh well.

I live in the country, so when I make it to the city to the crowds and the malls and such, that's all a part of it! Wow! All the lights, the decorations, the music, the different people.

That's what I love.

I'm going shopping not this weekend...but next. I've been shopping all year round, but I just hate to see anybody left out so I try to get extra gifts (and then not tag them..."oh, that one right there is yours, I just forgot to put the tag on it":)). Those no-tag gifts have saved some hurt feelings every year.

Ha ha ha, Merry Christmas!:D
You have the right attitude and some great ideas. I like the no tag presents. That's cool. How thoughtful.

Well shoppings all done..... Woo hoo.... Now I have to do a litle baking.:D:D Just sent my packages off today... bus parcel express. Done ... Done... It's a good feeling.

Awwww...thanks, Dusty!:D

And wait...scratch all that stuff I said earlier about looking forward to shopping. WHEW!

Some of you know the story now, and I'm thankful we get a whole year's rest before we gotta do that again!