Christmas Tidal Wave

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to get the gospel across the world on Christmas Day through social media. To take part in this gospel tidal wave, which does not require your participation on the actual day, please check out

I have been advised that some people do not know how to join this gospel tidal wave. So, first click on the link, this will take you to the thunderclap website where you can view the Love came down at Christmas thunder clap. Half way down the page it says 'support with facebook' 'support with twitter' and 'support with tumblr'... click on all that apply. Job done. On Christmas day, with no more intervention from you, John 3:16 will be promoted around the world to thousands... currently over 11k if we get enough people to join in. Hope this helps! Thank you and bless you!
I hope your efforts are rewarded. As for myself, neither facebook nor twitter nor tumblr nor any other of those things have any part in my life, so I can not help you.