Christ's family tree.

Today is Sunday school class, someone mentioned that they heard or read that Jesus according to the Bible could not come from Jessie, Joseph's dad. That this was foretold in the Bible. Does anyone have any insight on this?

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He said someone did a sermon on it.
That it was part if the prophecies.

I believe maybe he meant Jacob or Heli father of Joseph. I put Jesse because that's what he said.
When someone brings up something like that and can't prove it through scriptures, I just simply say I didn't haven't heard that and I will look into it. I don't like letting things like that take too much time in the class. If I can't find anything out about it, I don't bring it back up at the classroom but let that person know i couldn't find anything.
Yrs that is right, thanks

Here is the link to just a small portion of the message.... if you ever have the money to get the whole sermon... it's really good and is titled
God's Perfect Timing-Evidence From The Christmas Story

God bless you and your class abundantly with much wisdom from the Scriptures :)