Christy Award winning DiAnn Mills giveaway. (Political Thriller) Nov25-27


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FBI Agent Bella Jordan is sent to the stark west Texas of her unhappy childhood when three men turn up dead on the High Butte Ranch belonging to Carr Sullivan. Former high-roller Carr is a prime suspect along with Brandt Richardson, a serial killer with whom Bella has a past. The three victims were searching for a legendary lost Spanish treasure, the same lost treasure that caused Bella’s unhappy adolescence, as her father was so obsessed with it, he was willing to sell her, at age 15, to Richardson. Bella finds herself believing in Carr, who experienced a conversion when his fiancée died of a drug overdose five years earlier. Now the murders on his property have imperiled his dream of creating a home for troubled boys. As Bella defies FBI procedures in investigating the crime, the death toll mounts, and she begins to fall for Carr. The third romantic-suspense thriller in Mills’ Call of Duty series will appeal to readers who like a stout dose of Christianity and prayer along with the action.