Church Notes And Some Other Stuff

Luke Ch 22 notes

Keep your eyes on Jesus


When Jesus was in the garden (after the last supper) his disciples fall asleep not one but all of them. This leads us to Temptation, the biggest time to fall into temptation is when going through grief and hard times. Flee from temptation as it is hard to escape once you have fallen into it.

If you are going through grief you need to surround yourself with others who are going in the right direction (with Jesus) and that will lift you up.

Tell God about your grief and struggles as he is waiting to take it away. Jesus also struggled and felt like giving up.

Joy that was set before Jesus was us!!

Pain makes you think about yourself but Jesus was going through pain he prayed for those that were hurting (father please forgive them, they have no idea what they are doing) and he was also thinking of us.

Start thinking of others then the pain will go away.

Pain seems to block those big things ahead in our life God has planned for us SO DON'T GIVE UP!

If Jesus hadn't suffered and if he stayed dead he wouldn't be here.

When other's thought it was the end he know it was the begging.

After the sermon the guest speaker (as he was with the youth camp and preached tonight) he said about those who feel unloved and alone that they have God there and they are loved. Well I collapsed into tears right there.

He said that he knew there were people that needed to go up for prayer due to those things and I went up.

Afterward pastor puline (I think thats how you spell it XD) talked with me. (shes really nice a lot like Pastor Lyn
) I told her how I had struggled a lot with friendship's and she got me to talk to another person (Who I have known for a long time as she is my sisters friend and they had grown up together from grade one XD) she had told me that I need to get back to youth group and she would help me to find some friends. She also said if anyone dare to do what my other so called friend did to me then she will slap them one XD.

So afterward we got back to talking with Pauline (thats a better spelling) and she was saying how she wants to come see the puppies and she was saying how she has a German Shepard and I said how Im writing a book and there is a German Shepard cross and she said she will need to look at my drawings. I showed her some that was on mums mobile and I came to the Blue Tigress Akali and shes like... that kinda looks like Scar from ...whats its name (mind you shes not a young woman she has grandkids
) and Im like... 'Lion king' shes like yeah thats it. Mums like "she LOVES lion king XD" so yeah.

Shes coming around Wednesday and sometime this week were taking the pups to the vets for vaccinations and I will be taking Bear to get him checked up (as his breathing isnt good and he Wont stop sneezing)