Church of Jesus Christ-Christians

Church of Jesus Christ-Christians

...Has anybody heard about this?

I heard it on the news this I logged on to investigate the claims against this church. The websites have been taken down.

Supposedly, a church wants to use some arts center in Longview, Washington, for their services. The Arts Center said no.

It seems that this church was organized by white-supremicists and has strong ties to the Aryan nation.

The church is called the Church of Jesus Christ-Christians.

PLEASE I'm not looking for a debate here!!!...I just want to know if anybody has any information regarding this church. It concerns me, as Longview is only a hop, skip and a jump away from my home.

Thanks and God bless...
Thanks, guys...much obliged. They had a link on TV, but when I typed that link in (from Longview City Council or something) it said that the page was no longer available.

I wanted to learn more about them, because I didn't agree with their reasoning. I was angry when I heard the story, and I thought that I could give myself a better understanding by educating myself a little bit more about them.

This has eased my mind.

Thanks again, guys! God bless...:)