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Clearing sinuses!

Nov 21, 2016
I found this on the internet, and initially thought it was gobbledegook, but after trying it myself, I found it actually worked, for me anyway. I was so surprised I felt I had to share it, because it might just help someone else.

I had a rotten cold which resulted in blocked sinuses. I used nasal sprays etc etc, and nothing seemed to be working.


1. Push your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth and push it hard.

2. Put two fingers on the space between your eyebrows and push hard.

3. Do 1 and 2 for 20 seconds.

It seems crazy, but I did it several times, went to bed, and woke up in the morning able to breathe perfectly clearly through both of my perfectly formed nostrils, beautifully, for the first time in weeks!

Give it a shot. It certainly can't hurt you!


Annie x


Feb 11, 2015
Good tip :)

I have another preventative suggestion... feed your spirit with the healing Scriptures daily... even if it's just proverbs 4:20-23 and Isaiah 53:5 and then whatever other passages that you read or listen to daily. Then when the symptom rears its ugly head you rebuke it and remind it that it has no authority in your body and to get lost. For God's Word is medicine and health to all our flesh. :)
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