They all come here
With such common bonds
Pain, confusion frustration
They all come here clinging

We all feel the clinging
The frustration of asking
What are we clinging to?
What won’t we let go of ?
What are we afraid of
That life may be bringing?

The leaf clings to the tree
Just as we cling to thee
The tree itself is dead
Just as we inside ourselves
Our filled with dread

The snow is covering the leaf
Just as the confusion is
Covering our souls deep within

A cold harsh winter is swirling about
Just as our hearts have been turned to stone
We are clinging
Hanging on so tight
with much fright

The leaf is slowly falling
Falling to the ground
Our lives too our falling
Each at our own pace

What they can’t see
And I did not for a long time
Is that by clinging the pain will continue
But to let go
Is the start of a new leaf
Just as the leaf on the tree let’s go
A bud will soon blossom
Into a new beginning

Just as you will blossom
As you discover yourself

The snow will melt
As the season changes
As your heart will start to warm aglow
When you allow your inner self to flow
When you discover that you
deserve so much more

You will see the new beginnings within
You will begin to have new life
Just as the leaf will that I captured on
This cold snowy day…

January 6, 2006

Hmmm. this is fun looking through what I have written to share.. you see it was the writing that gave me healing way back when.. It was the Lord that spoke to me that night to write.. and now that I look at alot of my writings, I feel there is a spiritual undertone to them.

Have a awesome week! Quit clinging and let God in Amen!
Oh, FaithWoman, that touched my heart!
Thank you, for sharing!