Clue: I am a "Person"

Clue: I am a "Person"

I will give the last 10 clues and you guess the "Person" I am talking about. There are 20 clues but I will start with the last 10.

Ready, Set, Go!!

I am a Person:

20. Jesus talked about me.
19. Mary and Martha follow me.
18. I followed the 2 great commandments.
17. I had 2 silver coins.
16. A law expert heard about me.
15. I came after a test.
14. Read about me in Luke.
13. Find me between Jerusalem and Jericho.
12. I had oil and wine with me.
11. People are told to do what I did.
10. I owned a donkey.

Who Am I?


Hey Da_Man you are good....I thought it would have taken a little longer


The answer "Good Samaritan" is Correct

Thank you for your Participation