Clue: I am a "Place"

Clue: I am a "Place"

I will give the last 10 clues and you guess what "Place" I am talking about. There are 20 clues but I will start with the last 10.

Ready, Set, Go!!

What "Place" am I?

20. I'm called Tell es-Sultan today.
19. Gilgal's on my eastern border.
18. I'm across from the plains of Moab.
17. People melted in fear here.
16. 40,000 were armed for battle in my plains.
15. I was looked over by spies.
14. The ark was here.
13. I was tightly shut up.
12. A prostitute lived here.
11. I'm across the Jordan.
10. A scarlet cord was in a window here.

What "Place" am I?

The Christian Bible states that Jesus passed through Jericho where he healed two blind men and converted a local tax collector named Zacharias.
everything is done for a reason.