Coming to God



Coming to God

It's about coming when you are called. It's about coming to the end of your rope and to the beginning of His. It's about laying down your weapons of warfare against the God of the Universe; in Whose Hands your soul and eternal destiny lie. It is about a broken heart for the mess you've made and for your sins and guilt before God. It is realizing that you murdered God's Son on the Cross, that your sins and rebellion shoved the spear in the side of the Son of God. It is that you, while an enemy of God, spat on Him and mocked Him as He was nailed to a cross....and it's that He loved you so much that He did that all for you, so that you wouldn't have to die and go to hell, but that you might be spared from the Wrath to come, that you won't spend eternity in hell because Jesus Christ suffered what you deserved at the Hand of God and offered Himself as the Only Sufficient Sacrafice for your sins. God's Holiness will not be stained, and His Righteousness and Justice demands that sin must be punished. That Only His blood could quench the Wrath of God, which yours could never do, in fact, if you are found in your sins or the filthy rags of your own righteousness when you die, you will spend forever in hell- for you can never repay God what you owe Him for sinning against Him and rebelliously refusing to Repent and Believe in Him-that you would dare to persistantly call God a liar concerning the Testimony of His Son. It is about God the Father crushing His Son instead of you because He loves you and He is Holy and your sins against Him cost more than you could fathom. It is the only Way that you can be made right before God, that in the Day of Judgment when the Book of Damnation is slammed shut, your name won't be in it- but written in the Lambs Book of Life and on His Hands from all eternity. That you will apear before Him as having been washed White in the Blood of the Lamb-spotless-that means total pardon and cleansing and forgiveness at the expense of Christ; the Only Savior. Marvel at that. God had to come to earth and die for you in order for you to live, it cost the Price of God's Only Son to pardon you. His blood paid for your sins. They hung around His neck on that cross-unless you are determined to refuse Him, rebel, and go your own way, in which case they will hang around your neck, hell will open wide for you, the place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. It is a place of darkness and yet a lake of Fire, sealed over. I pray you will pray to God in Jesus' Worthy Name that God mercifuly reveals your condition to your soul, that you feel the horror and weight of your sins, and that you are mercifuly led to Christ, and shown Him in your heart, and given a new heart. I pray you pray for Divine insight into your lost condition, which only God the Holy Spirit can make known to you, and receive the forgiveness of sins promised to those who believe, the sins which only Jesus can wash away. He is the God-Man, fully God and Fully Man, the Only One who can be you substitute, you cannot save yourself, you must come as a poor. blind, wretched, naked, beggar, or else you mock Him further by coming in a robe of your own pride and seek His grace in vain. Your own righteousness must appear filthy before your own eyes. If you come as a broken sinner, heavy burdened by the weight of your sins, He will give your soul rest, and remove the weight and guilt of your sins-then go and sin no more, knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable items such as gold or silver, but by the prescious blood of God's Only Son. The One who could have destroyed every rebel sinner and created a billion universes full of people, decided instead to be glorified to the praise of His grace, delight in mercy, humble Himself, and come to be born as a man, live Righteously and Perfectly, which no one could ever do, and die at the Hand of God the Father to save you instead. That's grace, my friend :) That's Only to be found in Jesus Christ :) Someone may die for a good man, but could that save him? Though he die a thousand deaths, he could not even pay for his own sin against the infinitely Holy God. See, God is Holy, but He is also Love, which makes our sins all the more evil. Christ said, 'If you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will Your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?' We may know how to give good gifts, but by nature we are dead in our sins, and evil. We are even blind to that condition until God the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, -that is an act of mercy in itself; not to be left to carry on blindly, racking up more sins against our account, treasuring up wrath for ourselves, only to have our foot slip in due time, and perish eternally. But God, being Rich in Grace, and full of Love, purposed. according to His Tender Mercy and the Good intention of His Will, to die for You, that God Almighty was born of a Virgin, and suffered and died a cursed death for you. "For God so loved the world that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 The more you see your sinfulness, the more Glorious and Prescious Christ will be to your soul, and the more you will want to pursue Holiness in the fear, love, and awe of Christ, knowing that He died for your sins, and that God sent His Son to bless you by turning you from your evil ways. And not only did He pay your eternal penalty, but He gives you His Righteousness as a free gift to Robe yourself in; so that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed. He who is of the Truth listens to His Voice, see that you don't refuse Him who is speaking today, how shall you escape if you neglect such a great salvation and ignore Him who Warns from heaven? What saith the Scriptures? He also gives you eternal life, He was raised from the dead on the Third Day as foretold by God and raised you up with Him from Spiritual Death to Spiritual and Eternal Life, which is in His Son by faith in Him. He who has the Son has the Father and has Life, He who does not have the Son does not have life, the one who does not believe abides under Gods Wrath and is already under condemnation, his only hope lies in Christ, the Almighty Savior. God will not save anyone who comes up by another Way, Jesus Christ is the Only Way, Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Him, all else are thieves and robbers, He will shut the door, they will knock and panic, and the Head of the House will not open the door, He will say 'I do not know where you are from, depart from Me you evil-doers.' You must be cleansed by Christ or you must perish eternally. But He also gives His Children an inheritance, He says He goes to prepare a place for them, 'In My Father's House are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you... if I go away I will return and receive you unto Myself, so that where I Am my servant will be also.' 'Things which the eye has not seen nor have entered the heart of man He has in store for those who love him.' 'He who believes is not condemned, but has passed from Death to Life.'

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Riches in Christ and the Narrow Door You have opened for You children. May we become fools in this age so that we may reject the world's foolish widom and actually become wise in Your Sight and choose that which will not be taken from us, may we have our Reward in You, not in this present world. Bless You Name , Righteous Father. We are not worthy to come before You and ask anything in our name, but only on the merits of Your Son, and so that You Will be glorified, we ask that we ask You by Your Spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ, to Whom belong all Wisdom, Glory, Honor, and Power, to whom all belongs, tht we may have a new heart to know and love and obey You with, and a new Tounge on Fire with a Holy Zeal to Proclaim Your Sons Name and Praise, and Ears to Hear Your Voice, and Eyes that look and gaze upon Jesus, please give us the Spirit without measure, and whatever the cost, may we endure, remain faithful for Your Namesake, be kept spotless unto the Day, forgiven all our wicked transgression, purified of all difilement of flesh and Spirit, and serv You to the fullest this life can afford, please slaughter our oldself and nail him down when he tries to ressurect himself and pull us down, please pour out Your Spirit without measure on us, fill us with Yourself, and consecrate us to serve You without fear, but in Holy Reverence, and may we be empowered to walk in a manner wothy of the Gospel, and may we speak Your Word boldly in this evil and adulterous generation, not ashamed of You, Your Words, or Your Glorious Gospel of Christ, guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, fill us with all peace and joy in believing, the love and warmth of Christ, and may His Word dwell richly with our Spirits, may we have wisdom, Lord, and may we be transformed by Your Spirit and Grace into doers, and not just hearers of Your Word, please mortify the sins within us and forgive us of our hypocrisy and evil that rises up within us when the flesh rears its ugly head, please cut it off when it does. Please break us, mould us, and make us into the vessels thsat bring You Glory and Honor, for Jesus' Sake, and please Mighty Lord give us the grace to endure even the sharpest pain and loss and dissapointment and in sorrows know that all things work to the good of those who love You, may we be sold out for You as we were bought by You and for You, and may we know in our darkest hours that all of our suffering will be met with Treasure unspeakable one day, and that above all, we will walk with You in White, and You will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and that it will all be worth it-whatever we endure, on the Day we shall stand before You blameless and look into You Face, we will have no sin, and will be met by You without reference to sin, but to the salvation of our soyuls and all to Your Praise! Oh, Lord, while we walk on this earth light a Fire afresh in our hearts, lead us grasciously in your ways all of our days, and save us from ourselves and every form of spiritual wickedness. Love You Lord in Jesus Holy Lovely Name, purify us O God, amen

your most unworthy servant, one of the vilest you found