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While working in the 1980's on the computing staff of the University of Illinois, computer programmer Steve Dorner created the Eudora e-mail system that in 1997 was used by some 18 million people. To know that so many people are benefiting from his work has to make a programmer feel good. No doubt, millions of these users can't thank Dorner enough for using his skill and sweat to make their communication easier. But not everyone feels that way, and Dorner hears about it, because he now works for the company that owns the program.
Jo Thomas writes in the New Your Times:

He gets about 100 e-mail messages a day and says that having 18 million users "is very gratifying, but it can also make me feel a little hunted sometimes.
"I'm the one who has to, in the final analysis, deal with every single problem, and I tend to concentrate on what's wrong," Mr. Dorner said. "There are days when I think that every one of those 18 million people thinks I'm wrong, stupid, and out to get them."

God must feel something like this computer programmer. As the Creator, he takes all kinds of blame from people who don't like his program for their lives. Often these people blame him for their own mistakes. Often they blame him for situations that are for the best, though they cannot begin to understand.
Worst of all, people think God is out to get them, when in fact the opposite is true. God has employed his infinite genius to program goodness into every person's life.

Creator, Goodness of God, Love of God, Pain, Prayer, Providence, Suffering, Trust, Will of God
Prov. 3:5-6; Hab. 1:2-4; Rom. 8:28, 31; 11:33-36; James 1:5
People often blame God for mistakes in their lives when in reality they were choices that they made.
People want to blame someone other than themselves so many times. Spouses blame each other, children blame their parents, employees blame their bosses, bosses blame their wives... lol

Seems there is such a lack of accountability among all people (Christians and non-Christians).
That's just another tool our enemy the devil uses.
For believers it's called the no fault religion. No matter what happens it's not my fault. Again just another area the enemy has slowly brought this type of thinking over the generations.

If i make mistakes, I admit it quickly and move on. lol
i never lie to my boss when i mess up. i always tell him and i like to be that way in my personal life as well.
it makes things easier - just be honest.