Computer Gaming

Computer Gaming

I wondered if anyone here plays computer games? Particularly mmorpgs. I have played World of Warcraft since it came out a few years ago and, before that, Asheron's Call.

I have played with my grandsons, who are now 20 and 14 years old. We have a blast together. :D
Both me and my wife play them. Although to be honest since I have come into the Lord I am finding that those games hold my interest less and less. I used to play them till midnight then go right to bed. Now I stop around 10:30 and read the Bible for awhile. Ending my day in God's word so rocks!

We both had WoW accounts but canceled them. Currently we play Warhammer which is fun. Fighting on the side of Destruction I can't deal with though. We play on the side of Order even though we are out numbered. Unlike WoW where horde really wasn't evil - I get a clear impression that Destruction is.
Thanks for your reply Danin. I have friends playing Warhammer but, like you, I would need to quit WoW before I played another game. It would seem right to play on the side of "Order". :)
I play computer games, have done since the days of Sinclair and all those early machines. I now have a preferance consels such as Playstation etc. I have never yet WoW and RPGs, what are they like?
I used to be into computer games so heavily, but since giving my life to Christ, I've found that I dont want to play computer games any more.
I used to sit at the computer, sometimes six hours or more, playing games, mostly Planetside, but now, I'm just not interested.

I may one day have a look at a game or 2 sometime, I want to play Crysis, but My computer is out of date now, its like 4 years old, when I build it back then, it was brand new technology top spec, but now its vastly ourdated!
I play many many computer games xD I love them but many things have become too normal for me now that I have the Lord :)
I played WoW for a while it was amazing! but then I stopped.
the only game I still play and it's been a year and a half that I play it non-stop is Team Fortress 2 =D!

Planetside LOL old but great game :D

Crysis is amazing ! crysis warhead is even more amazing born2loveyou you need a powerful pc but warhead can work on older pc's and especially when using dx9 version it's even smoother at very high settings.

The more in love I am with Christ the more I feel like I should stop playing and go into the Word.
Planetside LOL old but great game :D
Planetside was AWESOME I wish they would make an updated version of it.
I used to play a metric TON of computer games. I'm mostly a "console playing pesant" gamer though, but still love them PCs.
Sadly my computer, being about 7 years old and with old video cards, I'm stuck only playing computer games on my laptop, which lacks performance power to handle most of them well. : (

For MUMORPUGER playing I started with Ultima Online. Didn't really like it. Then Everquest. oh what lovely times! Sadly I could never get past lvl 17. >.>;
Then Some Dark Age of Camelot, Twas alright. A brief wast of money on Everquest 2
Then I played the monster WoW. Made friends, Got people together. Guild I was in now meets for camping in the summers. and basically played it near non-stop since just a bit after the Burning Crusade expansion came out.
Sadly, I got my account, (and consecuensly my Girlfriends account since I used her's too) hacked by some meanie using a keylogger.
But I consider that a blessing in disguise. During my weeks off the game trying to convince Blizzard I was who I said I was, (Took a faxed copy of my ID blown up to take up the entire page before they believed it) I realized how much time was being wasted.
It's a fun game no doubt, But now my time is better used for things like studying, cleaning, being productive. Etc.
A word to all of you out there in MUMORPURGER land, Have fun yes, But don't let it draw you in, It doth be liken to a Hole of Black, You will never escape!:eek:

Also play alliance; Horde is weak. :cool:
Also play alliance; Horde is weak. :cool:
LoL. I spend most of my game time pvp'ing .....on the Alliance side.;) (Edit: pvp (player vs player) is something I got into because it isn't a time sink, like so many events in wow are. I can play-pvp for 15-20 minutes, then log out. I just don't have the wherewithall to play for hours but I know these types of games can be addictive for some.)

You bring up so many games - and I started with Pong. rofl. Sorry to hear about your hacked account but you seem to be at peace with the result.:amen:

It's good to keep all things in perspective. Thank you for the replies to my post.
I am still young in the word of God. Still working on my first read through of the Bible. In the middle of the book of Luke and loving it. But I believe that God has no problem with you playing games. Its part of life. I actually have gotten where I find myself giving thanks to God for little things like that. I mean it really blows me away that God gave man the ability to make something like video games. It really is an awesome form of entertainment.

In the end I think God wants you to live your life. Your life is for his Glory. But just like everything - do not take it to extremes. Which is sounds like there are a few of us that did so before coming to the Lord. Having a couple hours to de-stress and in my case playing something with the wife is fine. Turning into a zombie for 16 hours straight like I used to do is not in any way glorifying the Lord. My 2 cents