Contest for March 2010 - Great Prize !!!

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Contest for March 2010 - Great Prize !!!

Monthly CFS Contest

We are holding a contest this month that is quite unique. We are looking for an idea for our NEXT monthly contest. If you would like to participate, simply post a reply below with your idea for the format and topic of the NEXT monthly contest. The entries will be gone over and the contest committee will pick a winner. The winning entry will be the basis for our next monthly contest. Only one entry per member and the winner will be notified in this thread as well as by Private Messaging in the CFS PM system.

The winner will be receiving a hand blown, beautiful Murano glass necklace. It will come with a certificate of authenticity and a little pamphlet regarding the glass blowers of Murano Italy. This is a very nice prize for our female members -- and for our male members – it could be used as a gift for your special someone.

This contest will run from today through March 10, 2010. The committee will notify the winner no later than Friday, March 12. At that time, the winner would be required to furnish a mailing address to a staff member by PM (not a PO box) so the prize can be shipped out. Thank you and we know that you will enjoy this contest.

So, please get your thoughts together and let us know what your choice would be for our next monthly contest. Post your entry in this thread below this announcement. Have fun, everyone and best of luck !!


Howdy, everbody... I ain't been here fer awhile, but when I seen the newsletter, I thought it might be a good time ta say hello again.

I see that this here contest is kinda cool and all.

How would it work out iff'n the next contest might go sompthin' like this -

Registered members would talk ta their family, friends, folks they work with and neighbors ta mention and see how many of them folks would like ta join here at CFS. If I recall rightly, there's a place in the member application what says "referred by" . Anybody registerin' after they chatted with a CFS member would just put that registered member's username in the "referred by" line in their new application and when the folks here at the forum see a members name in the "referred by" line, they'd just keep track of everybody and at the end of 10 days or 2 weeks, the registered member who brought in the most new applicants would win the next prize.

Iff'n I would be so lucky as to win this here contest, what I'd do is tell the folks runnin' it to hold on to the prize for the next contest winner... I wouldn't want nothin' myself fer just comin' up with a idea like this and the next person who brings in the most new members would surely deserve it more than me.

I guess that's all I got ta say. Y'all have a good day and God Bless everbody here in the forum.
Great, a contest

I haven't been here in a while but I got the newsletter and thought I would see what's going on.

An idea for the next contest I think is to have members submit helpful ideas that works and others could use.

Example: How to get rid of fog from the bathroom mirror when my spouse takes those hot steamy showers?

Answer: Get a paper towel and put some shaving cream on it and wipe your bathroom mirror. Fog stays gone until you clean your mirror again with window cleaner.

The person with the most creative and helpful hint is the winner!!

Just an idea

So glad to have you back answeredprayer. Keep the ideas coming, there's no limit as to how many ideas you can submit.

Come on's a beautiful necklace....let's see how creative you can get!

Blessings, Cheri
I am a newbie, and so I am not really sure what contests you have had in the recent past. But I thought it would be fun to initiate a "Good Samaritan Day"...where each person who registers for that day (what ever day is chosen) does as many caring deeds in that one day as they can. Then they each write down a synopsis of their day and send it/email it in. The judges look at each one and decide who worked hardest at going out of their way to be a good samaritan. Pictures can also be included...but no one can know they are in a contest (even tho this is the reason they are doing it). Any other proof like recipts or etc. can be sent in with your synopsis as well to make your story/day more believable! Who knows, maybe this will be a way of jump starting folks to begin doing this (without a contest) on a regular basis. Many, Many folks in our world need to SEE and FEEL the love of Christ...not just hear us talking about it. We ARE the BODY of CHRIST (His hands and feet and mind) afterall!! We ARE Christ today in the world...and YOU might be the only Christ they will truly see or feel...which could make all the difference in their lives!
Your favorite pet stories.Funny or touching or something your pet does all the time.Pictures or a discription of your pet.What does your pet do to make you laugh,or just say awwwww.Either pick the best one or throw all entries in a basket and draw out a name.
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