Convection Oven

Pastor Gary

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Bratface - a Convection oven resembles a standard electric or gas oven, but it is equipped with an air circulating fan built into the rear oven wall area that moves the super-heated oven air around and over the product being cooked for a faster, more uniform heat pattern in the product. It cooks 30 percent faster than a conventional oven and makes the 'browning' process go better - especially with poultry, without drying things out.

They are a bit expensive but well worth the investment...

Thanks for the info. I have one, just never used it for that. I guess I will be trying it this weekend! After I read more on it of course!
I have a convectional oven, it is the best. I can put 3 sheet of cookies in and they all cook at the same time and the same even baking.