Corruption vs. Integrity

Corruption vs. Integrity

Does God really want you to be rich? ? ?

Or is Mammon concocting another enticing pitch.

He pays special attention; he pretends the role of benefactor
To our leaders – the businessman, the judge, journalist, doctor, and actor.

Even teachers, ministers, administrators, bankers, and politicians
Are all eventually drawn to his ways: the model lifestyle of patricians.

What fraud will not be pursued, what lie not advanced?
Til the proletariat has been shaken-down, fleeced, and pants'd?

Do not muzzle the ox while threshing, the worker deserves his wage!
What is given should be born of love, not deception or fear of the grave.

Take no money for this journey, no spare coat or shoes or staff…
Such an austere command… I can just here the rich man laugh.

But we don't neeeeed riches – what are they for?
So that we can have a life more luxurious than before?

So that we can feel secure and taken care of?
God says He will do this out of His unconditional love.

Work as hard as you can – Receive back what you need.
This is not be true of the state – but it is a Godly creed.

How can one be a servant-leader, how can one bear one's cross daily?
When bound-up in a serpent skin belt so slick and black and scaly?

We are to avoid not just graft and malfeasance, but also vain ambition.
Lest we fall into a trap: the unsolomonic… Leo and Baker tradition.

The great riches we are promised are of the Spirit: confidence and peace
Faith, hope, and love are His fruits, He wants this crop to be increased.


"We are to avoid not just graft and malfeasance, but also vain ambition."
That will preach.:)