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Covenants are about relationships. We get the word covenant in English from the Latin covenire which translates to "coming together". We make covenants in marriage and we are mostly familiar with this type of covenant, where two become one flesh. We are often more vague familiar with the connection between covenants and our Salvation, where we form a relationship with a Holy God. Most are also familiar with the Covenant of Abraham. In this covenant, Abram was ordered by God to take a heifer, a goat, and a ram and cut them in half. This was also symbolic of the covenant relationship. Each half of the animal belongs to the whole, and neither half could live without the other. In fact, it was understood from the tradition of these covenants that if a person were to violate their part of the covenant, that they would also be torn apart in the same way as the animal. The relationship would certainly be torn in two. How do we see this in our covenant with Christ? Are we keeping up our end of the covenant?