Creation -v- Evolution: For The Young People

On TV lately is a promo for a nature mini series called Galapagos......Part of the promo shows some wild life and the commentator says "where myth is born":ROFLMAO:
The Galapagos islands are where Charles Darwin dreamed up the roots of evolution.
There's an evolution commercial for "Guiness Beer" (no I don't drink-just happen to see the commercial) that truly sums up how ridiculous evolution is by showing the backwards 'de-evolution' of mankind. It shows human kind going through ALL types of kinds...I had to laugh.

Why can't people see how ridiculous the notion it is? Why do scientists stop at primate DNA and not combine a strings of DNA from all kinds to promote their theory? If we come from sludge-we should be able to figure out the sludge DNA since it is the simplest form from the beginning right?If we can make 'sludge' we should be able to create new species from scratch. (I wonder if they do that on Plum Island?)