Crossing high mountains

Crossing high mountains

Crossing High Mountains


Have you ever looked at a mountain, at it's highest peak, and marvelled at it's height and beauty? Have you ever imagined yourself crossing a range where you look down below yourself and see, thousands of feet below, the world you once stood on?

Mountains can symbolize something for us in our walk with Christ. Mountains are tall, powerful, stately things that rise from the ground - some soft some jagged. At a point in our walk we must eventually go across a mountain - whether we like it or not.

A mountain can symbolize your fear of crossing something you think is higher or greater than God. When you look down you see all of your past sins and give up hope. Sometimes you fall and stumble and nearly go off the side because you do not have your feet firmly in the ground of God's Word.

God's Word is a very important tool in our walk with Christ. His Word is alive and is well able to help you in your most difficult times. What we must learn is that we cannot constantly look down at our past sins and our past faults. They hinder us even more. While we can learn from mistakes, fretting over what has already happened cannot change the future.

Can a runner win a race looking back? No. He must keep His eyes ahead on the finish line. As God's Children and His people we must do the same. We must keep our eyes on the finish line (God's gifts to us) and stop focusing on the starting point (your old life).


What lessons can we learn today?

- God's Word is our firm foundation: Without it you do not have something to reach out to if the ground is loose under your feet.

- We can learn from our mistakes, but at some point we need to move forward: Some people are stuck in their past and think it is utterly hopeless to move forward because of their past sins and mistakes. Can a leopard change his spots? No. So can you change the future? No. Only God can. We must focus on HIM.

- We all must face our mountain some day: You will one day have to face the mountain in order to grow towards God more. That mountain is one of the many steps towards Eternal Life with Him. Will you do it?


Thank you, Boanerges. But all of my thanks goes to GOD. I asked for His Holy Spirit to enter into me and for Him to write through my fingers. :)


Thank you my sweet little girl . You are a special blessing .