Cyberlink Hello Thread.....:)

hi guys,
my name is carla......:)

nice to meet you here.
just found this friendly christian site
love to write and to exchange ideas and perspectives.
looking forward to entering the forums.

i pray this site will become a place of belonging
as i access this opportunity to connect
with my brothers and sisters in Jesus.
note: i didn't want to post this cyberlink welcome thread
too much like makin' a grand entrance.
the welcome pack for cfs advised me to post this thread.

(in case you're wonderin')
thanx ravindran and mike
for your greeting and welcome......:)

i needed that,
it felt like a presumption
announcing my joining this site.

your thoughtfulness has eased
some of my regret for posting this thread......:)
Welcome Carla! Good to see you.. How you doing ??
hi praveen......:)

how am i doing?
i'm living on the same planet you are, go

God's doing fine and that's what matters to me.
know Jesus, know life.
no Jesus, no life.............:)