Dad grounds daughter, but court ungrounds her

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God said, “Honor your Father and Mother”

Judges like that are going to have to answer to a higher court someday.
You would think a judge would have more respect for authority, unless of course, the judge doesn’t think there is a higher authority. I feel bad for her. She has no idea what she really did.

What a waste of tax dollars allowing such a thing to be heard in court! A parent has the choice to not allow a child to attend a school camp anyway - this is just absurd.
I can only imagine what mischeif she might have planned while away - what with the inappropriate photos and all......
Looks like prophecy is becoming reality more and more.

Personally, I thank God that my stepdaughter is my husband's responsbility (long story; the short of it is that I have had to "disengage" from parenting her but hold her up in my prayers constantly) and my son; 7 yrs old knows and loves Jesus (my Lord, he calls him:D) and I pray daily that God's Holy Spirit that lives in Him will keep him from these ways. :pray:

Thank you Bo for posting such interesting and relevant articles.
We need to be informed.