Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain

Today for us is a rainy day and might be depressing for some people. But as a reflect, I can say that I can dance in the rain.

Anyways it has been raining all night and into today but spirits are not dampened by the rain as we need the rain to water the plants and wash away all the impurities . Just like we need Jesus Christ to wash all our sins away, He cleanses us from all unrighteousness and impurities.

I remember as a little kid I used to put on my swim suit and go out and dance in the rain. Now I am in my second childhood, I would love to do it again but think my neibours would think I have lost it. He he :D:D:D


Our rain is still coming this way. All afternoon and into tomorrow is predicted but then weather men can be false prophets- LOL!
Still raining but we have hope .... hope for tomorrow and a beautiful rainbow of promises from God .... promises for our good and not to harm us.. promises of an eternal home in glory where all our tears will be washed away and we will bask in the sunshine of God's love forever and ever. Amen .