Day two


As a lifelong designer of everything from huge debarking drum systems to kiddie pools at the water park nobody admires the handiwork of a master designer more than yours truly. Even before I knew the Lord Jesus as my redeemer, savior, baptizer, provider, healer, guide and wellspring of life, wisdom and joy I saw something. As a child I would look up at the night sky, the stars and moon and know within that all this couldn't just be without the hand of a designer to direct things. It's been said that the chances of the creation just being are the same as an explosion in a print shop producing a perfect dictionary.

That any man or woman could look at any of the creation and say "there is no God" is preposterous. The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. This is heartbreaking for God who is robbed of His rightful due as designer, creator and owner, and eternally tragic for those purposefully self deceived who deny Him His rightful due.