Debt Reduction, low interest loans

Hi ;)

Sorry if that title made you thing you would find help here. Actually I am looking for help. A gift of $30.000 would be nice, but really what I need is advise. And by giving me advise everyone that visits will benefit as well. So the title fits.

I have, over the years accumulated to much debt for what I own or make.

I presently have:
a mortgage of $133,000 at 5.69% interest
a credit line of $20,974 at 9+%
a home depot card of $1,800 at 28.8 %
a loan for the furnace of $4,323 at 19.9 %

So what I need is advise on how to get rid of these and stay free as fast as possible.

I lost my job 2 years ago, went on unemployment ins. for 11 months, went back to school at 55 years old for 10 months at a very low income and just got back to work making minimum wage.

A few tips for others:

Did you know that you can go to your bank and ask for a lower interest rate on credit cards. I did this once and got 11% on a visa that was 19%.

I also recently called my finance company, Xceed Mortgage Corp, when I was 3 years into my 5 yr term mortgage and they renewed the mortgage at 1 + 1/2 % less, over 35 years saving me $67 per month. (It was a 40 year mortgage but they lowered it to 35 years and still saved me money.)

You can do by-monthly payments and save thousands of dollars by making one payment every 2 weeks. (a total of 4 extra payments a year plus early payments)

So these are a couple tricks I have learned but there must be lots more out there. Let's help each other get free before the Lord comes. It will make it a lot easier on those left behind.

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That is what he gave up for YOU

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