deed and in word

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deed and in word

We can show forth our Lord in deed and in word. As we follow Jesus, His glorious light shines through us. As we speak of Jesus, we declare His glorious majesty.
Remember, the light of the gospel is about the glory of Jesus: "The light of the gospel of the glory of Christ." Our message is not about us. "For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake." We are but His servants. He is our message. He is the Lord over all. Thus, He is able to save from all that blinds and binds.

Bob Hoekstra


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AMEN.... Christ is the light that shines through us with every work that He works through us. By every help that we do whether a comforting word or an act. A smile can brighten the darkest of days and a Hug does wonders. As we allow God to perform these acts through us, we are telling them that "God loves you."

Just like a one of my friends on this forum said to me, I want my light to shine so bright that people need sun glasses. hehehehehee

Amen! Yaaay... My heart swells with joy when I read this!
But at the same time I'm so afraid! Afraid that my deeds are the wrong ones, that my words are not correct... The last thing I want to do, is to say something in Jesus' name that isn't perfectly true.
I pray every day for the Lord to teach me to become more worthy of him, for sometimes I know I'm not. And every once in a while I could despair, because I know what I do isn't good enough.
sometimes my faith isn't strong enough.
sometimes I'm afraid, allthough God promised to provide for us.
I ask so often ,what can God do for me?' instead of 'What can I do for the Lord?'

Please pray for me... I'm so weak sometimes.
your little sister


My little sister we are only worthy because He counts us as worthy- there is no one who can boast of any other reason. Follow His heart and know that He loves you and takes pleasure in you.