Desert Living Expo To Kick Off In Palm Springs, Cali.

While some parts of the country are settling into winter hibernation mode, other parts are just stirring to life after a drowsy, blistering summer. It’s one of those times those of us in Northern, colder states wish we could all fly south for the winter. In Palm Springs, Cali., the Desert Living Home Show will be kicking off its expo on Friday, Dec. 6 and stay open through the weekend.

In the South, while we up North are surrounded by leafless tress, yellowed grass, and frostbitten ponds, the people of Palm Springs will be treated to a home improvement expo that provides resources for homeowners looking for minor and major renovations. It’s also great for those looking to build their own homes and who need some inspiration on what types of accoutrements they should include.

Over 150 vendors showcased

With more than 150 vendors, it will be quite the show. Louise Herbert, the owner of Stellar Expos, said, “If they are looking for any home improvement, they are going to find windows, doors, roofing, painting, fireplaces, pools, patios, and anything they can think of. We have everything for the home, including the kitchen sink.”

Expert contractors in hand

It’s a great resource for people looking for verified, expert contractors. A few types expected to be there include interior designers, masonry professionals, and solar companies. There will also be a variety of appliances and furnishings for sale, including everything from barbecues to pizza ovens to garage doors to refurbished metal décor. Herbert wasn’t joking when he said they “have just about everything for just about everyone, including renters who may not be able to complete home renovation projects.”

Renovations for renters

People who don’t own their dwellings are limited on the changes they can make, but they can generally put up décor that doesn’t require drilling holes in the walls, putting design stickers on walls, hanging their own choice of curtains, and providing their own mood lighting. Renters can also sometimes make more global changes, like painting, and they’re sure to find inspiration at the expo, as well.

Age Busters Inc. help aging in place

Deborah and Sean Flavin will be bringing their company, Age Busters Inc., to the show for the first time this year. They specialize in consulting and constructing changes to homes that allow their owners to age in place. Such changes include lowering the microwave oven, making bathrooms wheelchair accessible, and installing grab bars.

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