Designer babies: Creating the perfect child

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Sadly there are many people in this world who would spend thousands of dollars trying to make the "perfect" baby. I am naturally against designer babies, or as some call them, "test tube babies", because as in the BBC article it turns children into objects not human beings.

I see the same thing in the Arabian horse industry. To many breeders are breeding horses who are conformationally incorrect (their bodies are not shaped well) with tiny heads, too-small feet, little eyes, and basically flat croups. There are people who breed conformationally correct Arabians, but then we have the down side to it.

The same thing is happening with people. People want to make something, and because we have the technology and the knowledge to possibly (or more than likely) do it in the future, people will want to make the "perfect" person. Like the perfect beauty, the perfect intelligent person, someone who doesn't die easily, someone who is the smartest person in the world...I could go on and on about the things people would want to do.

But, I believe it is going to happen. Why? Because the world is sinking lower and lower into a morale decline - rapidly. 10-20 years ago this was like taboo to even talk about "designer babies". Now it's a consideration, a possibly, something that we may have to face in the coming years, weeks, or days.

I am sure that if this becomes legal, someone with very bad intentions will get a hold to this and create something possibly dangerous to human kind itself. What that could be? I have absolutely no idea myself. This isn't the only thing though - there's the possibly of creating animals that don't even exist.

I just hope God comes soon.



like Hitler trying to build the Aryan Nation all over again. Only high-tech test tube rather than the 'selective breeding' like it was back then.

Been a while since I heard 'horse talk', too. I miss it.:)
Men killed millions yesterday and their philosophies are still in the hearts of todays 'leaders of the future.' The evil-one's methods to pursuade souls is evidenced in 'higher thinking.' Planned-preg. cntrs are geographically and economically placed for a reason, survival of the fittest and only the strong survive, and create the perfect race, darwinism, all bad. Is it too far off to think we'll soon have designer babies and back-up body parts available?