Developing your ministry.

Hi ,
This is my first post, and for this reason , it should be, the issue for which i joined the forum. Specifically, ministry .
God revealed to me, that my ministry is evangelizing.
Therefore may i ask how you developed your ministries?
God bless you.
My own opinion....
Don't cast about trying to do it all by yourself.... There is a lot of development that really goes much better if you have access to a mentor and an organization which does evangelism.... So - for example, the experienced leaders/teachers will put you into situations where you do the evangelism... You take a notebook with you and you write down the ENTIRE conversation... THEN - you debrief afterwards with an experienced teacher... You learn what you did right and what you did wrong...... You also learn about traps and pitfalls - like focusing on yourself instead of others... Talking at them instead of talking to them... How to discern the people's needs and what sort of ministry will be effective... To manage yourself and your emotions, Etc.

For example -
There are certain local churches which have active evangelism training programs...
There are Outreach organizations which still DO active evangelism and do have evangelism training programs... Salvation army is a great example of this...
Groups like Young life and FCA which do Youth evangelism
There are others... Their focus is specifically OUTREACH to the adults in the community - not Church ministry...
There are OTHERS which do Hospital visitation and evangelism.

What you are looking for is one which has actual "Apprenticeship" where a trained teacher will guide you in how to develop YOUR gifts and abilities ... not just where they meet together for a "Bible study" and then pitch you in head first...

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, and show you how He wants it done and where He wants you to be. Because if He is in the middle of it and you are where you are supposed to be...then its all good!

Obtw....welcome! Grace and peace be yours in bundance!
Well, this is a big question..can you tell us a bit more about your walk and how God is showing you where he needs you to spread the gospel?

For me, its the people I can relate to who may have struggled with the same things I have. For example. I used to have depressions, so God sends me people who are going through similar. I used to hate the bibles in schools teacher in primary school, funny thing is now, God has me helping out the bibles in schools teachers.

He also knows I love books and shows me to develop a church library for a congregation that didnt have one before. I worked as a library assistant and studied to be a librarian. I then did bible reading in libraries on my days off for a year.

Other ways i evangelise is giving out bibles and also sometimes tracts. But usually its through friendships i have with people to build up their faith, rather than just to people who havent heard of Jesus before.

Grant Melville

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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum! I'm a fellow newbie here.

I couldn't agree more with what @Cturtle has said. The gift is given of God, of the Holy Spirit, and He'll show you how you should go forward. It's good to get advice and support from godly and experienced people, but when it comes down to it, only God knows your path, and He'll open up a way for you. A spiritually gifted person may not have a title or an official place in the sight of the world, but that doesn't stop them from exercising their gift. In fact in the many systems where only officially 'ordained'* people are permitted to preach and teach, then truly gifted persons may well be excluded and not given an opportunity to exercise their gift, because they don't have an official place or title. I would be wary of these systems, which restrict the freedom of the Holy Spirit to operate as He would.

* That is, by man, as distinct from the ordination of God, by spiritual gifts.