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What is your view of predestination and free will

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OK, I got sucked into a thread on Annihilationism before I even introduced myself, and some people are shouting 'Conspiracy!', like I joined some effort to spread false doctrines here (I am a Conditionalist).

I am:
  • a married father of 3
  • an assistant pastor in an AOG church
  • a BSA by trade (software development)
  • an M. Div. student at Fuller
  • a post-charismatic evangelical molinist, weakly complementarian, YEC sympathizing conditionalist.
You can read about my journey and positions in these posts on my blog:
Hey djsinclair,

I read some of your posts in the annihilationism thread and I really enjoyed them. Welcome to the forum.

Would be interested in your views on molinism sometime. Not sure that this thread is the best place to do it though. Maybe a separate thread or pm.

Is interesting that my life almost parallels yours except I have no children. However I'm part time preaching in an AOG church and have a background in software engineering also.